On Post Frequency

 As you might have noticed, I post rather erratically and infrequently. There’s a lot of reasons why, but the main reason why is that writing is hard. Behind the scenes, I often spend 40+ hours on some of my blogposts between idea generation, data cleaning, learning about the topic, analysis, and writing. Even worse, frequently I spend a lot of time on an idea and find that my results aren’t worth writing about (uninteresting results, messy data etc.). I’ve currently got a “Blog” folder on my computer with dozens of folders with ideas with input data and code analyzing said data, but only around 10 published blogposts to show for it. 

This is a hobby that I do for fun, but I would still like to see the blog grow (and it kind of has), and I recognize that’s probably not going to happen without some consistency in posts. Some of the more successful bloggers I know blog far more frequently (I’m talking weekly), but that isn’t exactly a pace I can sustain with the content I try to output. So I guess the purpose of this post is to 

  1. Apologize about the infrequency of the posts
  2. Poll my readers to see how I should conduct the blog moving forward
So, that being said, please fill out the poll. Feel free to leave any comments or thoughts on how the blog is going so far, seeing as how its been almost exactly a year since the first post. 

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