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Hello, Sasa here! Your local business owner and cat enthusiast data guy!  I have been fascinated by Data Analytics ever since I graduated from college in 2016. I started Stats with Sasa in early 2020 as a passion project. Here, I collect data analyses and thoughts of mine about topics that interest me. I’ve written about everything ranging from Music to Social Issues to Sports. Some of my analyses are complex, and some are pretty simple. Ultimately, though, the goal of this blog is to present my work in a way that is digestible to people with little or no statistical background.

When I’m not messing with data, I enjoy listening to hip-hop, dominating at fantasy football, following basketball & football — at both the collegiate (go Bruno!) and professional levels, and doing nerdy things like consuming any Star Wars content I can get my hands on.

Note: Nothing in this blog reflects the views of my employer.

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