If we were Gaza

This post has been updated through 5/2/24, and will be updated periodically moving forward. 

To date, Israel has killed over 34,600 Gazans since October 7th. Of that, ~8,400 women and ~14,500 children have been slaughtered by the IDF. Through this bloodshed, the Biden Administration has continuously supplied weapons and aid to Israel — arguably at the expense of the American public.  

Gaza is a small place far away. It’s hard for us as Americans to conceptualize the death and devastation being felt there. This page will serve as a semi-live tracker aimed at contextualizing the scale of devastation in Gaza. Basically, I ask the question: what if we were Gaza? Gaza had a pre-war population of 2.1 million, compared to 330m here in America. How does 30,000+ deaths out of a population of 2 million translate to a place with a population of 330 million? Click to skip ahead.


Total Deaths

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Female Deaths

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Child Deaths

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Compared to 9/11

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Shortly after the 10/7 Hamas Attacks, Joe Biden notoriously referred to them “like fifteen 9/11s” for Israel. He was referring to the fact that comparatively, 15x more people were killed on 10/7 than 9/11 when adjusting for population. Technically, he used an incorrect statistical methodology. For an accurate apples-to-apples comparison, you need to use the 2001 American population as a baseline when doing the adjustment. Not our current population. Correcting for Biden’s elementary mistake shows that the 10/7 attacks have been more like ten 9/11s for Israel. Let’s see how their response stacks up. 


Well, this doesn’t seem very proportionate. 

Check back periodically as I update these figures. Maybe Biden will grow a conscience and stop full-throatedly supporting this bloodshed. Maybe not. Probably not.

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